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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"


Awesome game, great graphics, I loved the combat and the magic system.


Really, this is one of the best games on Newgrounds!!! I like the diablo II-style skill system and the diverting just-kill storyline. It describes the classic RPG games from the other side.Thanks to advancing skills, boss dialogs, and changing enemies, the game does not become boring although the mission and level design is repetitive. A perfect game for after work.

The dialogs are funny and the storyline is flat, but entertaining. Although it is a classic diablo-style slash&slay RPG, the changed role gave it a twist. Although it connects many simple ideas, it is elaborated in many details: The movement is very smooth and lag-free, it has many special moves without confusing the player, the sound fits the atmosphere, and the interface is very intuitive.

Although the game is great, you should add more instructions, especially on the main menu. It took me some time to find out that there is more than one save game slot.

I don't like the shop. Like many said before, it looks commercial, but only on first sight. I disagree with the previous comments, because I think it is alright for a developer to ask for some pocket money: Developing such a game takes time AND money (these guys have to fill a fridge during cold programming nights!!!). Consider how long you play this game and how much you would pay for a cinema ticket.
It is possible to beat the game even without spending money, so the developers are more fair than those of other games (see SAS2) and you eventually get all of the items for free.
The part I don't like is that you earn so much special stuff and have to throw it away. Why not implement a shop for the common people who earn pennies by selling special items, and some elite items which are only available for tons of pennies or a small amout of paid premium coins?

im addicted i would die

hehehe this game is soooo coool the killed 90000 enemys!


Liked everything but the shop, takes a good couple of hours to finish, Variety of equipment made me come back for more!