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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"


it's a tough game to start, but that's because i started on insane.
the gameplay is great and it becomes easier to live through battle once you figure out a strat that works for you.
for me, it was charge, run in opposite direction, then the jump attack. worked like a charm, and became even easier when i replaced the charge portion with just teleporting away from the mob i was about to jump at.
the gameplay in itself is fluid, but is a little repetitive.
all the same, you've made a great flash game and i commend you.


f**k with u eragons!!!


i like to be the riper


all right, ive got a bug. i'm about to enter the "gate of elean", after getting the obama's armor of peace. when i enter the stage, the game freeze with the status bar showin' my previous battle state.... but it's all good when i reload it tho'

game's good, it's just being repetitive after a while...


This is one of the best flash games I ever played. The sound and the graphics are awesome and the gameplay combined with the plot are fascinating.