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Reviews for "Agony: The Portal"

Too easy on Insane Diffculty

The game is too easy even on Insane Difficulty. Just pump all points into Fitness.

There isn't much game play because every level can be defeated easily by the pure Fitness build.

nice game

the only thing is u should have added more weapons than flails and the hood was not the best ive seen but on the other hand this game rocks and whoever made this game is awesome :P


i have been waiting for a game like this to come out for a while and wow its just great, as others have said its a little repetitive, and the names of the weapons are sometimes a complete lol but good work

PS not that the same battle feild over and over gets anoying i know u used different backgrounds, y not put hills or cliffs on the battle feild and have the archers on the other side so u have to use some sort of magic to kill them

pretty good

i liked it, fairly good animations, for me it was actually kinda humorous...the crazy laughs everytime you get a multi kill and when enemies spawn. even up til around the end when i got an item called obama's massive ring of terror lol. it was a tad long for my tastes but overall it was well put together i guess.

A great start

This is definately one of my favorites. I have no problem with the huge amounts of levels, it makes it feel like a full game. Although it does get repetitve with killing the same little guys over and over. I personally had no problem with magic at all. I used every single point on the magic stat and could rapid-fire heal, and always had at least one good spell ready while the others were on cooldown. Oh, and Comet is overpowered compared to all the other spells, it made the game easy with 3 falling at once.