Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

Firstly... Mastering fail. For a final, was SOME effort too much to expect?

Now, I'm not hip hops biggest fan but I think delivery is important. Scuare's lyrics I thought were awesome, but the delivery just isn't there for me. I feel like he is just chatting to me in a cafe lol... worst description ever. I guess the lower volume didn't help but his voice just isn't interesting to me. Subjective.

I am a fan of SJD. He has a strong vocal presence with a splash of melodic flare. In regards to content, well, he doesn't win them all but he sure as hell makes it up on delivery. End of the day, this is an entertainment game and SJD was more entertaining.

Winner by a facebook page full of boobs... SJD.

im feeling this beat for sure why all the hate ppl? great performances by both mc's SJD went hard with some great rhyme schemes Scuare kept it like hes done this whole comp which is flip yo shit and spit like a master but and this is my opinion he lost me with the "i beat the cat that beat your ass" first off Scuares barely beat KillBill (i thought KillBill won imo) and i still am for sure SJD got screwed out of that win against KillBill so its basicly like SJD said that shit doesn't cut at all. SJD for the win!

SJD fell short in every aspect in this battle, weak disses and wack flow, and repeated a lot of stuff from his other battles...
Scuare on the other side came hard on both of his verses, and was quite consistent overall so my vote goes to him...

On a side note, yes... This battle fell short from what everyone was expecting but thats what happens when people vote rappers like SJD over rappers like Gas just for flow or voice... Things turn into a mixtape rather than a battle... But then again I didn`t vote on a shitload of battles so I can`t complain with the results...

Well, this battle could've gone better indeed. Maybe a better beat and if both rappers had same volume.

Gotta agree with the earlier comment, I expected much more from this match up. I thought it was interesting how Senator went a bit more "traditional" with his flow in this match-up, but I wasn't really feeling it. After listening to a few times, I gotta say Scuare took this, but still, this was a little disappointing.