Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

SJD all the way

I'm surprised to say this, but I have to vote for Scuare. He seemed to hit a lot harder, even though SJD had better flow and (as usual) hilarious disses.

Senator lines part 1:

MC Squared/barely an MC there - +
took a kilogram of some ambien/what you see standin here - +
overrated as an 08 Obama/models Dolce Gabbana - +
hollerin "I don't give music comments"/spittin nonsense/plain as (common?) - +
multisyllabics that cut (asthmas?)/spittin rapidly don't matter/lived what you babbling - +
fed up with the kid doin a (cameron?)/sold himself out for 100 dollars and lost hard - ++
integrity's everything here/spelling/yelling/Q not a C/through in round 3/obviously - +++

Scuare lines part 1:

Obvious/lobbyist/manipulate the audience - +
missed it/rehashing the same disses - +
take this q and you'll see/work at all/doesn't make it a personal - +
lecture on integrity/facebook page is more tit pics than melodies - +
all I hear is cryin/trying to sell your soul for ten years and no one's buyin - +++
smashed against a wall it's so clear/look into a mirror/reflects your whole career - ++
failed to be successful in this industry/gimmicks to get em listening/history back/victory lap - ++

Senator lines part 2:

how is that a diss you heterophobic/popularity angle like you're suddle - +
I got audio wit more downloads than you got total views/learn to add/learn your abercrombie and fitch poses ho bitch/wiz khalifa clone flow come in - +++
everything except the Bill battle/broken beer bottle made of plastic it does not cut - ++
I'm attackin/tickling yourself when you're rappin - ++
chicken faced hippie/flow is fried bacon grease/wrapped in a gimmick bun hiding like a (beating?/meaning?)/yo mama pay ya bills you dissin me for singing - ++
Bridge and a vamp/still be the site champ - ++

Scuare lines part 2:

Hippie rippin atmosphere and wiz/dolce gabbana model but i'm uglier than shit/be consistent when you're spiitin out your ass/contradiction show the fiction/holes in your attack - ++
talkin shit to volunteers/get 50 on the line we got a gangsta up in here - ++
first grade mentality every time he's on the mic/yells to prove he's right - +
dub hop/shit drops/and it's just pop/truth is he's a ripoff - +
next Drake/fucks sake its tragic/cuz you suck at it - ++
think ya soundcloud page is popular you're wrong/mashup got more views than your biggest song - +
claim to fame/if I'm 08 obama you're just senator john mccain - +++

Total for SenatorJohnDean - +22, no 0's
Total for Scuare - +23, no 0's

Better flow - SenatorJohnDean, +
Better delivery - Scuare, +
Better wordplay - SenatorJohnDean, +
Better closes - SenatorJohnDean, +

Total - SenatorJohnDean +25, Scuare +24

Beat was okay. Was kind of hoping for a really sick one for the final, but it wasn't bad. Close battle, liked the Senator's flow and wordplay. My vote goes to Senator for 2012 champ.

lmao sjd killed it

I came for SJD and I was impressed ;D