Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

Scuare got it

Damn i don't know if my vote will count since i never voted on any of the other battles but after listening to this i was compelled to make an account and throw my two cents in! I went back after my first listen already with an idea who i thought won and watched each competitors past battles i liked a lot of Scuares past victories hes got a real chill flow and he handles his opponent SJD on the other hand has a great flow and he can change up an keep on beat with it to with damaging disses! now in this battle though SJD didnt have that flow it was more of a angry directed at Scuares instead of his kinda freestyle'ish flow which i felt was perfect for the finals i also felt Scuares anger too throughout his verses as well just not as consistent as SJD was. now to the disses SJD had a steady flow ofem in his first verse i liked the square root metaphor that was pretty damn tight the overrated 08 obama line was funny which turned out to even be funnier at the end which kind of helped me judge this to the canibus line was funny as hell which really hooked good to the its a q not a c/Scaures being through in Rd 3 Byron said the same thing in there battle said he was just spiting none since! Scuares first verse the :59 to 1:15 it felt real weak then his tried flip "of the take this q and you'll see " of SJD's diss on his name failed i mean come on its spelled wrong apparently cause the way you pronounce it leads me to believe it. the integrity/face book titpic/melodies i felt was a weak flip its still a flip but just lacked any real sting or burn in the end you lack integrity you cant even spell your name right. The calling me a sellout/you've been trying to sell your soul for ten years an no ones buying flip was off the chain that one personal made up completely for his intro the your face looks like its smashed against a wall its so clear when you look into a mirror/failled career ( kinda reinforces the canibus diss from SJD's 1st verse) the flow diss is weak this is a champion champ battle y'all both just destroyed to get here how could his flow be bad when its equal or if not better than yours? i beat the cat that beat your ass and this is just my victory lap line was to dope for words im usually not one for self hype but i mean he did beat him :P SJD's second verse flip with i like girls on Scuares facebook diss titpics/mellodies was good then he comes in with just multi weak punches that were not to effective had sum good line all in between but not a lot stood out the clothing line diss was weak i dont know how or what Scuares wears. the claim to fliping all of Scuares first V was probably a bad move but good line no less. SJD's second verse was pretty lack luster but good enough but his first verse was beat as hell as compared to Scuares up and down first verse now before i review Scuares second verse on my first listen i thought he won before i did my research and listened to this battle 15 more times. Scuares flip of the clothing line/consistent flip was pivotal in his come back the contradiction/holes in your attack line was dope. bad ass/50 cent line was weak 2:45 -2:54 filler . dub hop/hip hop dizz was tight as hell it was essential to get a stinging personal in that cant be rebutted cause he has the outro! 3:00 - 3:16 was a let down he used some weakish punches then droped his last flip/outro he said SJD claimed his was the 08 obamma when really SJD said more over ratted than a 08 obama then he proceeds to say his name and justify SJD's name diss :p
All in all a really close battle really had great back an forth its just Scuare droped the ball to many times and the outro he needed to make up for his first verse he totally fliped up his flip great battle in the end i would have to give it to SJD though great rhyme patterns great disses had a a couple of drops but Scuare really let him self down not noticing his error on the 08 obama line

Alright, so if the semi finals were the best battles on NG, they only held their thrones for a few days.
Obviously, this battle can go either way - this is my favorite battle on NG. Both of you are head-to-head roughly equal rappers.
SJD had the offense. Scuare had the defense.
SJD used anger in his voice, where Scuare used a calm, defensive mode that made his flow sound ridiculous. Plus, his defense against SJD's lines made SJD sound weak.
SJD - you're one of my favorite rappers on NG with an extremely strong presence often on the mic and around the community. But I am not a biased judge, and I will give the slightest, slightest, slightest edge to Scuare.
You guys were both incredible. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

SJD for the win.

Senator verse 1 - good intro, made me chuckle, canibus diss, obviously er-eruh obviously

Scuare verse 2 - doubles line, fabricate/personal line, good flow

Senator verse 3 - math, wiz khalifa flow, champ lines

Scuare verse 4 - contradiction, dubhop/pop line, mccain diss

lyrically & flow-wise (if i can say that) you guys matched each other. So the deciding factor in my vote will be what I didn't like.

What stands out to me (which seems to happen in a lot of battles, and drives me insane) is Scuare switching from reference sjd in 1st & 3rd person. A simple revision of checking your "he's" and "yours" can prevent this.

I thought the dissing volunteers line was a weakshot, with insights to the whole "moderator" backstory. Also, dissin someone for throwin 50 bucks on a battle then calling him a gangster sarcastically is a weak one in my eyes, seeing on how I saw someone who wouldnt even put up $25 on a battle (if you have enough confidence, you shouldnt be worried about putting money on the line) & I haven't seen sjd really try to act "gangster"

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