Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

I like both MCs so I'm happy with this final but I have to give this to Scuare, man does he know how to flip disses. SJD has great delivery and attacks but Scuare can flip everything, and he punches hard.

Good battle.

When I first heard Scuare in the tvJohnny v Scuare battle, I never thought he'd be good enough to make it to the final. And yet here we are...

Anyway, Scuare flipped the FUCK out of SJD's lines. Both emcees had very good personals. SJD mustered the anger, but I felt that overall Scuare came harder with the punches.

My vote goes to Scuare by an infinitesimally small amount.

Amazing rap battle here. Scuare made some powerful hits but wasn't as aggressive but still made some good points to back him up. SJD's style is unique, aggressive, and I think that's what has gotten him this far. I was hoping the Senator would pull through but Scuare made better insults and arguments in which SJD couldn't beat. In all I think both rappers did well, however I must give my vote to Scuare.

Scuare is more of the MC I like to hear. I like SJD but Scuare made him sound silly on this track.

Holy shit Scuare knock-out punched that shit. Bodybag.

Scuare for champion.