Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

Vote goes to Scuare.

Wow! this was a close battle indeed. But I have to go with scuare

That was a sick battle. I especially liked SJD's and Scuare's final verse. This was close, but I think SJD won by a hair.

This is a fantastic battle. I'm voting on gut to SJD, Scuare was insane but he just wasn't aggressive to match SJD's force for me.

Guys, for real though, the flow was top tier and the lyrics were top tier. The votes come down to personal preference. I think you could have chosen a better beat though SJD, no offence to Obsideo, it's good, but this beat didn't feel like an end game fight to the death. Really, I think we need Delinquent back.

Favourite lines:

-"Take the square root, there is barely an emcee here"
-"Another Canibus"
-"You were through in Round 3"

-"Only doubles that I heard..."
-"More titpics than melodies"
-"Oh snap!... we got a gangsta up in here!"

Senator John Dean to win.