Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

Great song.
Sorry SJD, I actually really enjoy your work, but Scuare's bits were intelligent. Yours were a little more than "Fuck you and yo momma too." As he pointed out, his jabs were more substantial and consistent. And as he also pointed out, the inconsistency in yours just revealed that they were baseless attacks merely meant to make the listeners chant "Daaaaamn!"
I don't mean to be a dick, as I said I like you. But I think you and I and all these listeners know you're a better lyricist than this, so I'm just trying to provide some substantial criticism. Take it as you like. Disregard it if you want, hell what do I know.

I forgot to deposit the vote.... >-<

SJD all the way. Great punches.

At the same time I disappointed at Scuare also. You both are my most favorite rappers.

SDJ is probably one of the best lyricists on Newgrounds. Scuare got fuckin' dropped.

the senator has an undeniable charm, but scuare has his facts straight. he cut to the punch and held a solid argument involving his opinions that revolve around the reality of things. you can tell he has no shame in showing who he is. in this round, the writer defeats the rapper. for bringing some poetry back to the rhythm, i say scuare had this one covered.

Haha, this is awesome. I really liked it ^_^