Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

Scaure has my vote.

He flipped everything SJD said on his second verse and just mashed him up there.
Good battle.

I actually hate to vote on this because I think you guys both have styles that I really like and I'd rather not be involved in choosing who wins. It's obviously very close and you guys both put in quality tracks every battle.

I tried to give a bunch of listens.

SJD 1: Dope. I like the aggressive approach and delivery. Some real gems that may have gone over people's heads including the first lines about doubling his tracks and taking the square root, (his single raw track) and having nothing there. Liked the Atmosphere/kilogram ambien/vomit line. A nice twist on your take on Scuare's style, which basically translates in this line to Atmosphere but less energetic and less polished. Good shit. Liked the complexity of 08 Obama/Dolce Gabbana scheme. Appreciate the integrity reference tied into the name spelling. Overall, another example of SJD as the ultimate showman.

Scuare: the obvious/lobbyist/audience opener was a real nice, well-delivered personal punch. good lines dedicated to breaking down sjd's character. good integrity flip with the tit pic reference. Not sure about the mirror/career line, get the concept, but punch was simplistic. mean reference to gimmicks and the kill bill battle. hot shit.

SJD: good recovery from the tit pic right from jump, and with style. good rebuttal on scuares attacks on your career. The Abercrombie and Wiz references could be hot, but I feel like you already touched on that with the Dolce Gabbana and Atmosphere angle and I would have liked a fresh angle. Appreciate the bottle metaphor, but I also think you wasted a couple bars saying that he didn't hurt you and explaining you were attacking, when those two bars could have been punches. Physical appearance attacks mixed with aggressive self-praise to close. Energy off the charts.

Scuare: Consistency bars about modeling nice (reminded me of my battle against Cynic), good call outs in the first 4 bars. good call out that bullying mods doesn't make you tough, and a good job of mockery. good dub hop/pop comparison but rhyme scheme pretty simplistic. took the "I'm not looking for fame and you are" angle, and it went over well. Really liked the 08 Obama/McCain flip at the end, proper closer for sure.

And now I'm back here, still struggling to decide a clear cut winner. Here's the basics of how I feel.

Flow: I liked SJD better. Aggressive. Gritty. More technical and animated. Scuare was beasting too, but there were moments when the energy came down too far for my taste, and the fast triplets with a lot of words too common. I've liked SJD's style from the start and I'd be eager to listen to anything he put out.

Content: This is where Scuare shines. Personal character-exposing punches, straight to the point without as much artistry, but the impression of the words is lasting to compensate. SJD had some of my favorite lines in the battle though, including that Atmosphere line...If it was a boxing match, it would be like Scuare is finding his mark with punches, but then SJD is jabbing his way into a monster haymaker every round that's gonna be memorable. I also felt like SJD was at a disadvantage in this department because of his constant exposure on the boards, whereas Scuare is more reclusive and it's HARD to battle someone who doesn't have a lot of dirt to be dug up. Then when Scuare goes second when he's the one with all the dirt, it's advantageous too.

So sheeeit. Logic won't make this an easier choice. Who do I feel like is a better rapper? SJD. Who do I feel like had a better battle? Scuare. But as my criteria has always gone, I'd have to go with content over showmanship in a battle so based on general principle and complete uncertainty, I'll give this battle to Scuare.
Battles like this are exactly why I don't show up to vote lately. It's just too hard to make a choice that I feel confident about beyond doubts. Just know I've got the utmost respect for both of your skills and regardless of who wins, just remember there's a lot of politics involved in the voting and keep doing your thing. Good show, and best of luck to both of you.

SJD1: Good intro, but it sounded clipped, as if it wasn't done in 1 take. Good amount of diverse attacks. The spelling shot was a bit weak and forced. Good beat choice imho.
Scuare1: The connected combos and punchlines were great. Conviction in the delivery was outstanding. Rehashing disses, sounds like a repeat from one of Scuare's previous battles (or SJD :S)
SJD2: "Know your fashion labels?" Thought that was a flopper flip.,. but I guess it is an original rebuttal. Loved the flow in this verse, best in battle.
Scuare2: "Talkin shit to volunteers" The shots on dub hop were nicely executed. Senator John McCain.

This one is close. Senator had the flow, presence and humour, Scuare had lyrics, clarity and rebuttals. Senator's performance was more entertaining while Scuare's was more mentally engaging. I want to give this one to Scuare, but Senator's material had such a mix of humour, attacks, creativity and what the fuckness, I gotta give the win to JohnnyDean. Scuare's shots were good, but a lot of them sounded like the typical/standarf shit being shat at SJD.

Great battle, good beat. Best Claptrap competition ever! (Until next year)

Scuare is your champion ladies and germs.

Not going to write a novel here, others have already taken care of that. I think Scuare got this one.

The beat wasn't bad by any means, but I do agree with the folks that said the final round should have used a more energetic track. It's whatever though. Good job Big Red and everyone else, there was a lot of entertaining music made in this competition.