Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

Lol @ my beat.

SJD for the advance.
His first verse was my favorite of the battle.

It's hard to explain... It really isn't personal. I listened to all verses subjectively.

To be honest, this was the first time I heard John Dean rap. And honesty I just wasn't feeling it, nyukka. I couldn't really focus on what he had to say and I just wasn't feeling his verses overall. He did have energy and flow which is a definite ++.

Scuare did MEATiocre. Just extra dick.


Scuare to adv.

Good battle. I see people complaining about the battle. I don't think it was bad. I like the beat too. It's pretty sick. I like all the beats in the comp. The final isn't always better than the bracket. Just look at how The Heat kicked OKC's ass =)
But I guess I gotta kinda agree cuz this isn't a battle that I would listen to on my spare time compared to other battles.
-Take the square root, there is barely an emcee there (in math, if you take the square root of a square, it cancels out. I know that went over the judges' head)
Over all good verse. Most of it relevant toward dissing Scuare. I actually did some research, and since Scuare's not denying the $100 dollar contest line, I'll take it as truth. Scuare was not "through in round 3" though. He murdered Byron. SJD you asshole!! You just made me google Dolce & Gabbana models. They aren't underweight -_-
I don't see how that is a diss LMAO
Scuare V1
-Take this q/cue and you'll c/see
-more tit pics than melodies
-Your face looks like it's smashed against the wall, it's so clear that when you look into a mirror it reflects your whole career.
-Bitchy singing and gimmicks
-I beat the cat that beat your ass, so this is just my victory lap

"Did you listen to my last battle? Nah, I guess you missed it, only doubles that I heard is you rehashing the same disses" - I gotta disagree. I didn't notice any biting off Bill from SJD or any of the same disses. Not anything obvious anyway. I actually just took the time to listen to the Bill/Scuare battle. Scuare's first verse was a good rebuttal.

I don't think anything really hit hard here. I think a lot of the disses were forced. You had to really think about it to try to see the disses; "you sound like you're tickling yourself when you're rapping"??? LOL I guess if you TRY to see that, but it's not an obvious diss that you can get right off the bat. "Learn your Abercrombie & Fitch poses hoe bitch" - Bringing up modeling again? Wiz Khalifa??? I hate Wiz! I don't see a resemblance with Scuare. I just pulled up a Wiz video to confirm this.

Scuare V2
-More relevant than SJD's 2nd verse.
-Flipped a shit load of contradictions
SJD didn't say Scuare was an 08 Obama. He said he was more overrated than an 08 Obama. I guess you can let it slide though.

Flow goes to SJD like always. Best flow in the comp.
But, flow won't cut it because Scuare's content holds too much weight.
If I were to not actually break this down and research like a motherfucker, I would say Scuare by unanimous decision, but since I did see many little details by doing so.....
Scuare by TKO
Don't hate me SJD. I still love your music and will continue to support your movement <3 <3 <3

I enjoyed this battle. I don't really get why a lot of people are hating on the beat. I think it fits pretty well.
Gave it three listens, even though I usually vote for who I was feeling on the first listen.
Nice punches and originality from both sides.
I can't really be arsed with a long explanation of why, but though I'm diggin' both combatants, I'm gonna give my vote to Scuare.

Stay grimey, ninjas. Hopefully you'll both be around for the future competitions.

Square wins. Better punchlines. SJD's shouting has the ability to appeal to the angsty types, but overall, Square is just better, in this particular battle.