Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

Only thing I know is I'm only doin music for the people on my friend list. I said what I had to say, I say it EXACTLY the way I want, and it's down forever, baby. Haters got slayed and my music still get played. Holla!

close battle, SJD wins

I vote Scaure.

SJD 2pts - 2 good disses(MC^2, integrity&spelling)
L7 10pts - good disses/flips(rehashdubs. fabrication, no buyers), great disses(lobbyist, titpics), good exit
SJD 0pts - negative for trying to defend titvertising, good flip(dissing me for singing)
L7 9pts - good disses/flips(fiction, yells to prove he's right, singing you suck at it), great disses(dubpop), great exit flip

L7, that's a scuare.

Scuare just holds his style and composure imo that is the coolest way to approach the battle.
SenatorJD raises his voice and almost shouts into the mic fro me that always is a sign of weakness and so does my buddhistic monk kung fu trainer.
Some blow here and there but scuare has more complexity in his rhymes.
It feels more intelligent to me. ( does that win a battle? not really...)
All in all and i am a fan of SJD it goes to square. Just better flow, composure and punches with more depth.