Reviews for "CLAB - Senator vs Scuare"

SJD to win. I like this agressive style!

scuare. scuare is better then he used to be as well. his style reminds me a bit of mad flex. props for that.

Good rap battle I prefer Scuare's style no offense Senator I feel like he won that.

My vote goes to SenatorJohnDean,
He has better flow, and I love his aggressive Rap style >:)


That's all folks! Direct your round of applause to Big Red for the competition, he always makes sure it's a blast! ^_^ Keep me posted on the CD k?

now I can't deny that my vote contains a little bias, but it's not because the vote didn't swing my way. I blame Newgrounds for that. I just think he's a fake rapper.

however after listening to this a few times, I've gotta say that when he wasn't recycling his own disses, blatantly lying or his whole second verse, Senator John Dean went pretty hard.

The lyrical content is what matters most to me above all else in a battle, which Scuare portrayed here in a knowledgeable and genuine fashion. Thanks for showing up man. I really hope you don't get screwed out of the vote so make sure to promote this battle!

When I get my copy of the CD I'ma bump it for all my peeps and it'll be all fresh n shit knahmsayn?

V o t e $ c u a r e & W e o u t