Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


love the art style!any other ideas you have?

TheMillz responds:

Got a horror/underwater adventure just starting up, and an "inside the body" brawler finishing up soon :)

Very nice

I thought it was very well done, I didn't encounter any glitches or anything. I thought the adrenaline thing was really cool. Got a little annoyed when I kept messing up tricks though. But overall pretty awesome game to play.

Only suggestion that would make it even better is if it became more fast paced.

TheMillz responds:

Thanks bro,

The idea was to have it be only as fast paced as the player could unlock the the doors, so the faster you figured it out, the faster the game went. I can play it by now without stopping at all, making it through in about 10 minutes flat.

Thanks again for playing, tell your friends! :D

Very cool

this game is awesome work payed off i say and i personally want to get into making games and what not one day and this game just helps in making me want to do make what i love =D


awsome just like everything you done


this game reminds me of mirror's edge