Reviews for "Prison of Industry"


Fun game concept, reminds me of the matrix! Keep it up!

TheMillz responds:

Hey thanks man, we were trying to do something kinda like that. I just wanted there to be a platform game with wall running that wasn't about ninjas, not that ninjas are bad, just overdone. It's going up in an art gallery for a school project, so hopefully it will be enjoyed there.

This game is pretty damn good

Seems like a good setting for a Clockwork Orange/1984-esque story...

Otherwise, Gameplay was good (glitchless), Graphics were good
Make the Patrolbots a little bigger; kinda hard to jump on...


theres a glitch after you lost your armour that gives you infinite health. i think its cool.

good game

but too many glitches
before uploading it you should get some friends or somone to test it first
and say if they see anything wrong with it or have glitches and whatnot..
good game tho

TheMillz responds:

My friends all found nothing on my computer, and they act like idiots trying to glitch it out, possibly plays different on other people's computers...

loved it

it was really awesome

TheMillz responds:

Thanks dude, glad you liked it :D