Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

Better than This Game was a Joke

Since it was not a joke :P But as everybody says, bugs. When I (Spoiler) get back to the orange suit, is it normal that I have infinite adrenaline? and once I tried to kick a machine, it bugged awfuly... like, he didN,t want to move anymore.

I don,t know if the syringe at the start is just skipping the tutorial or something, but you really should have a save feature for a game that is that long (and that buggy) because even if I was determined to go through it, the bug made it impossible, sadly, and I'm not sure I want to go through it again...

haha good job millz

really liked the game im a fan of the good story shit on games and it was pretty fun wasint able to finish it though but hey millz if you gotz good memory you might remember me i was that guy who on the third this game is pointless i left a comment that was like "comment back you fucking cunt monkey" or something like that then we talked about how this face :3 looked like a guy with a ball sack in his mouth? well thats me :D havent been on in forever :) glad your still making games kinda wish you made another this game is pointless but hey this game was not pointless so yay :D but congrats to you buddy for this game it was pretty fucking epic for me :P only giving nine to you cuz its not this game is pointless XD

good but glitchey and saveless

i really liked it.
however it did kinda freak out on me come part 2 glitch wise.
And there should be a save system or something cuz i found it to be kinda long and it sucks having to start all over when you come back to it

Just 1 Glitch

Although the graphics were a little underrated, everything was good. The glitch that I found was when I screwed up a trick and fell, if I held up and D my adrenaline would start refilling. But hey, who could complain about that?
- Peace


I can't seem to beat it, there's when level where when I go through the exit it just says I died.