Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

Not buggy

Not once did i experience a bug
Not quite sure what people are talking about
But yea, great game
Towards the end it began to get a little tedious, with the super crazy acrobatic trap escapes
Overall a very good game, you deserve a higher score


But kinda buggy...

fun but a bit buggy

game was alot of fun but i got hit with alot of spots where id get stuck. you should make a reset button so that way people can avoide the bugs. but great game either way.

Level restart.

I enjoyed what I saw, but when I got stuck... *sigh* In one of the levels, you have to grind, wall run (avoid the saw-blade on the wall.), and then jump off, onto a chain. I failed it, and ran out of adrenaline. I tried jumping into the sawblade to kill myself, but I couldn't jump high enough.. Please fix this?

TheMillz responds:

Just do tricks on the rail to gain adrenaline, it's in the tutorial....

great game but a bit glitchy

the gameplay was great but the adrenaline machines and the powerups arent neccesary as once i was stuck at a place where i had to wall run then jump onto a higher platform. the only thing was i was out of adrenaline. so i tryed to get sum by a normal jump and it worked! i dont know if its a glitch or a cheat or sumfing but if u press up and d at the same time or press d a millisecond after, u get free adrenaline! :S random but cool game. great storyline btw and good use of siluette graphics.