Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

sorry but still some bugs

i got stuck in the floor on the third room on the tutorial lvl and seemes that there is more bugs to find but awsome game once u have foud and fixed all the bugs

TheMillz responds:

Fixing glitches, please bear with us...

Not buggy

Not once did i experience a bug
Not quite sure what people are talking about
But yea, great game
Towards the end it began to get a little tedious, with the super crazy acrobatic trap escapes
Overall a very good game, you deserve a higher score


I really enjoyed it. the moves reminded me a lot of Mirror's Edge... it was original, and i liked the color scheme

its a good game

found a glitch though i cant remember which buttons i pushed but at the beginning when i was trying to get used to doing tricks in the first room i found my character stuck standing upright and not looking like he was running and even though i could move back and fourth i couldn't jump or crouch at all


But kinda buggy...