Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

lol, if you slide on a rail the game crashes

Other than that I liked the game. Some nice platform design and neat characters you had on that game.

TheMillz responds:

your not holding down are you? That used to be a problem but we got it I thought...

Overall, awesome!

Pretty freaking sweet. Fluid, great graphics, awesome cut scenes. Excellent concept! As a sci-fi fan and free running enthusiast, this game has it all! Loads of fun. The tricks are just for lolz, though, right?

I found a bug though. If you try to execute a slide (down + a) while grinding on a rail, the game locks up. Might just be my comp though, I'm on a macbook.

Also would have liked to have seen a save function. Also, what are you supposed to do if you run out of adrenaline and have to run up a wall? I had to kill myself a couple of times because of that.

Awesome job, though.

i liked it

its kind of hard to follow along with

but i really like gameplay


good, i had some real fun finding the glitches... i am not going to put any of the ones that have already been said countless times... lol

1) if you "trick fail landed" right next to a door correctly, you can go through no matter what...

2) run up walls... I sat there for a while on a wall used up my adrenaline (was in corner) and i stayed there... i could pull countless tricks and land them instantly...

3) I don't really know if it is a glitch, but if you want your adrenaline really quick just get on a rail and Up + D

4) i was on the rail doing the grind thing, and i eventually got to the top again and i somehow flew onto the top of the game... i kinda ran into a wall when it finally went upwards to a new level...


Its really funn and... I dont know, good? i guess. It just glitches up a lot so i cant give it a ten. Sorry):