Reviews for "Prison of Industry"

Great, but it bugs me.

I can see this being a ten star game, but I've ran into way too many bugs throughout the game.
-Falling through walls
-Stuck in slide mode
-Falling out of the frame

sorry sir...

i've got to complain, there are some glitches, which take yourability to even move your character.
I think you should think about it, cuz it could hapen to other persons well, and these could not be mercyful like me, and stop playing it further.
The biggest problem is that you didn't checked enough, if there are any lags or disadvantages by playing it.
Maybe you should test your game a bit more and release it in the time, which is showable.
Any opther than that, nice concept, dirty = mechanics, and some urban climbing.
That's some fresh air, but the glitches.... :'(

sweet glitch

If you're low on adrenaline and there is a rail nearby, just jump on the rail and hold up+D. You'll land from the trick and jump right back up again to gain more adrenaline.

TheMillz responds:

Not a glitch, discovered early in development and kept in as a little easter egg. Thanks for playing


Awshum !

xD. Nice response to fusion king there.

Anyway the game. Well it's hard and at times nigh unto incredible frustrating, but in a good way. Haven't finished it yet and i ain't gonna today but i saw enough. Haven't encountered any of the glitches though so i rate it pretty well.
Oh, and nice story. Kinda conspiracy theorist.


i would like an updated version with mute because this music is kinda annoying and its fun too listen to tool and play dis game at the same time otherwise this game was pschodelic if thats the right word :)

TheMillz responds:

Click the word "music" to mute it. Merry Kwanzaa.