Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

Good game

Omg really good game and really original, but like some other guy said don't try to look too much like Portal. Your errors: sucurised you have to write it securised and congradulations you have to write it congratulations.

Omg c'est vraiment bon comme jeu, mais comme l'autre gars l'a dit, essaye pas de trop ressembler à Portal.


im stuck on level 9 i cant get to the gray fiels i did it before but now i cant hepl

FXcorporation responds:

Jump from further ;)

lol funeh

nice for your 1st 1, make more. XD!11!!1


its a great jobreally great jon but really need a preloader!!! only go to my porfile and there you find a ummh, like a umm tutorial of the preloader in flash 8 OK!!!

FXcorporation responds:

Well there is a preloader but it is the last thing the game load...

great game

except could you tell me how to beat 20, i dont get it you cant pass it

FXcorporation responds:

Where are you stucked?