Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

Great Game

rly good fame but agh cant get past lvl 18


There was one thing I didn't understand - what were the yellow fields for, that don't change direction or strength? Why bother...?


i would love a mute button on this thing

Very Clever

I love a good puzzle game, and this is actually a fairly original one. At the very least a good take on a concept that is sometimes butchered. Good concept, well executed. Some minor issues with grammar, but who cares? The instructions feel mostly useless since you explain the controls as you need them; a background image of the arrow keys at the start would have been sufficient. And watch color of text on the instructions, the purple is hard to read.

As a game, I love it. Good pacing (although I did notice the issue some people had with character speed; it could stand to be a pinch faster or adjustable at least). The game is interesting and difficult, but by no means impossible. It has sections of genius that are vertigo-inducing; not easy on a flash game. I really enjoy this and would love a streamlined sequel.


This Is A Awsome Game! You Should Enter This In The Pax Convention.
This Things The Think You Should Add
*Better Death Animation "When He Dies Since With Gravity Makes A Body Entity so he floats , or gets cruched,cut up, squied,etc.
* LVL 18 Easier "imposable:
*Sandbox "Alowing People To Make Their Own Map To Post with The World"
*Spike Balls = Fail :P
*Runing"For Some Reason maybe its just me he walks slow"
Other THen Them Great I Hope You enter This Into Pax It Is Realy Good!
10/10 5/5 Good Luck in The Future