Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

an ok game

pretty well put together, nice concept. too slow paced for me, but it was pretty well made.

Not great

It was very repedative, and boring. but good concepts


There are a few faults with it:

If you skip the intro, the game doesn't work. It could be improved if the person moved faster, or had the option of doing so, And I have no idea what the point of the yellow blocks is in levels without purple ones.

Even so, it is a pretty good game.


Some green boxes with almost invisible text, the musics plays several times over itself so it almost destroyed my subwoofer, and the start button doesn't work! WTF!!!

FXcorporation responds:

Thank you for taking time to review my flash. I see you enjoyed it. ;)


But why the hell can't i do lvl 9. No matter how hard i try i cannot reach teh grey field.