Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

hope this gets fixed soon

it froze up when I tried to see the instructions, and then it wouldnt let me even start the game so hopefully that gets fixed along with the "preloader" issue you mentioned.
i'll try again later in the week and give a more accurate review


it was a great game but you made it to hard


i font a glith on the level when there is sign that says this way and if you go the opposite way and go on that i doesent let you go


Wow m8. Grate game. some minor "bugs" but nothing R cant work out.. :P
Great going keep it up.

Ohh and mute? heard of it. got booring about the sound over and over again.. :D think about it for next.. :D


Spectacular game. Especially for a first!
The only one thing I found disconcerting was the rotating. Whether it be the rotating camera or the constantly rotating person. Otherwise, well done!