Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"


sweet game man sweet game tho level 11 is really tuff idk how to win it

Very Portal-esque

It does remind me a lot of Portal, yet just about makes itself unique with the gravity puzzles.
Very promising for a 1st game :D

Great concept

Good fun. Enjoyable and fun to think about. Here's my two issues:

-The walking on metal effect was enough to make me rip my eyeballs out. Quiet the effect or get a different one. You better change this soon to help your rating for first day.

-I would suggest making a mini-map possibly. May be not showing the whole level but kinda just the surrounding bit of terrain. The redundancy of the graphics can make the memory issue slightly overwhelming.

Other than that, good job on the scripting concept.

I predict the front page

Super fun concept. Music was pretty good as well. Graphics were great. Gameplay was smooth and controllable although that isn't to say the game is too easy or unpredictable.

I had a lot of fun with it, thanks.