Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

reminded me of deadspace with the low gravity part

playable, pretty fun


original, creative and difficult. These types of games are the reason my psych professor has only gotten half of the assignments.


keep the good work u make a very interesting game it reminds me of a game but i can't remember wish game but anyway it was a good game XD

fun game

had some issues with slow down, not sure if they'd be fixed by a quality toggle (likely not as the graphics were very simple) but was kinda confused none the less as to why it wasn't there. Anyway, really reminded me of the old school megaman 5 and metal storm for the nes.


this game made me play 1h30. this is a geat game. Ton jeux est super et j'ai aimé ça.
j'ai réussi 60 seconde sur le purple challenge hahahaha. C'est cool pour ton premier jeux. et c'est mieux faite que mon jeux sur game...er. je vois que tu es plus fort que moi. bravo pour le FP OMG. j'espère que tes autres jeux seront aussi génial que celui la zomg. de uranus :P.

FXcorporation responds:

salut, Anus. T'as hate au prochain jeux hen? T'as tu trouvé l'easter egg au niveau 13?