Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

Hello, FXcorporation. I had the same experience like an older comment from Estiaro3670. I was a child, and I got amazed by this game. I wasn't very intelligent before, so I didn't get passed through level five or six. Today, at my 13 years, about 7-8 years later, I completed Green Moon Lab + secrets. I really need to thank you. This game is amazing, I loved the concept. Don't discontinue this game. I would like a sequel, like 'Red Moon Lab' or whatever. I really want this comment contributes to make the sequel and you have fun making it. So, if sometime you see this comment, I just will be glad of seeing the new game online after about ten years of waiting. Please answer this comment.

I forgot! Please, FXcorporation, do a preloader when game starts in the sequel, please.

**EDIT** I just wanted like a creative mode, more secrets & challenges and new panels like the orange ones or the lightblue ones in the last game version. Ok, now I can tell:

Thank you.

i used to play this game as a child and i was really amazed, a platformer in which the gravity can change? That's really cool! (Im not sure if there is another game who made this or if there was a game before this but still) Even 10 years later, im amazed by the concept of the game and i would like to see one day the sequell of this game


How to start level 1?


how do i solve the last level? i tried it a million times but i still dont have any idea...


the next game that you make, TRY to make the preloader load FIRST.