Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"

Okay, but...

I like the concept, but this is very similar to the idea that Shift has. I know the appearance is different but the concecpt is very similar. Keep up the work, but remember that someone else has done something similar to this game, so try to make this kind of idea yours. Add monsters, wormholes, spikes, points, or even certain "up-grades" that may or may not help out the player.
Like the concept, but remember it has been done before so make this game yours, not a reflection of another.


i got caught in between 2 arrows and got stuck rotating back and forth, but good attempt

Very nice game, especially for a first!

You're incorporated lots of nice ideas into this game, with very few (minor) bugs in it - and overall, it was very enjoyable to play!
My only real complaint is that as you are playing it, the huge number of types of gravities makes the game *seem* to be much more complicated than it actually is, which might put some people off trying it. And the drunk camera mode is impossible lol :P

Anyway, nice work and I look forward to seeing more creations from you.

I like it

It is a good game, not very original (which is?), but very entertaining. Normally I wouldn't write a review, but there is a problem you should see in the 2nd level if you don't follow the sign you are stuck and have to close the game. this is propable in other occassions.Thanx for making this game

Good Job

lol it was just the other day this was underjugment i played it and said to my self this is going on the front page concratz keep up the good work