Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"


kinda like 2001 space odyssey, but...gut


Great game maybe make the guy move a bit faster or have a sprint button but other than that good game hope you make a second one!

Level 12

This is a good game but it seems to be impossible to finish level 12 since you always fall into the electric current when trying to get to the pad and just get pressed into the wall when trying to navigate down to it.


not the game artist, it was good. kovac-kid you have to click the arrow box. duh


Well, the game is addictive.

However, some things I thought about while playing:
The character could be a little smaller, and the viewable area a little bigger. Oftentimes, certain death traps would blindside me because the screen is rather small, and you end up moving pretty fast. Also, the character's walk speed was aggravatingly slow.

Besides that, I think it was pretty solid. I'd like to see a sequel, perhaps with some new features?