Reviews for "Green Moon Lab"


this game make me dizzy.i feel like drinking 10,000 champage.
but it good

cant even start the game

yeah.. went to new game..
read everything the little computer screen had
pressed <enter>

came up with a screen with the two options
play & menu

and whenever i clicked play or <space>
nothing happened...
then i click menu and it takes me to the menu and fails.


yeah really buggy. i mean i got to level 3 and because you have a wicked wide camera switch, i hit a spot that just rocked the screen.

Almost perfect.

Fun game, however you need to tweak the controls, especially when the camera is not set to move.

It becomes frustrating when you want to move up, and you have to push right to do so. If you could make the controls relative for the stationary camera, it would be perfect.


It's ok, but really there's nothing new. just another portal style game, like shift, exept with no shifting, just the gravity part. graphics aren't too good eather.