Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"


The portal is for games and movies!!! NOT for tutorials!!! You can submit yours by Flashkit.com!!!

Frank2982 responds:

Yet your favorite flash (according to your profile) is an outdated Top 50 Menu which *gasp* was your idea (according to the flash). In your own words "The portal is for games and movies!!!" So basically you are a hypocrite because that Top 50 Menu isn't a game or a movie. It's something some one can put on their site and shouldn't have even uploaded to NG. So booyah in your face!


ummm, okay....and how did this get daily feature? i know how to make a preloader. hell, if i knew that u would get a daily feauter for makin a preloader tutorial i could have just done one in about 10 minutes.

Frank2982 responds:

This was made when people didn't know how to make one. Most still don't. Just because you do doesn't mean this one is bad. And I threw this together real quick too. Although you wouldn't get the Daily Feature for it now though cause people will say you are copying Tom Fulp.

i need help!

sorry but you cant just say add this script without mentioning where. Being lazy is no excuse! I have made a really cool flash file but need a preloader before publishing to newgrounds. My flash version is 4 and i find it hard to understand what your explaining with a newer version. help me out pleaze, i'll cheack back for a reply. thanx


Im sorry to say... ur the worst teacher ever!!!!!


its tooooooo boring. i didnt get how 2 do it. :P it sucks