Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

you sir are genious

i love you you are very wise i hate some of the loaders now a days thank so much by the way

Frank2982 responds:



I always wanted to know how to do fill bars and percent loaded and stuff like that in my preloaders but all the tutorials i've seen until now either just tell you the actions for the simple preloader or tell you all this stuff which is too complicated, this one's far better because i understand it.

thanks for help but...

i couldnt get mine to go to the next scene after it finished loading. grrrrrr.

Frank2982 responds:

Maybe I should make a tutorial called "How knot 2 B an Idiot!" Cause if you follow that AS exactly it will work. Maybe if you said what you did (wrong) then I could have replied with a way to help you out. But you gave it a 10 so I <3 you for that.

Thank God, Budda, And Everything else!

Halleluia! Whoopie! I have finnaly learned to make a preloader! Whoop Whoop Whoop!
Make more! Please! Your masterness precedes me!

Frank2982 responds:

I would make more, but what should I do it on. I can't help unless you help me help you.


thax great tutorial. for most of the people who said it was rubbish its not you will understand more when you have learnt more about flash in general.