Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

good tut

good tutorial, and im sure alot of people will now make preloaders on there flashs using your code. But for people like me, id like to know what the code does, and what each part of it means. Where did you find this code or learn how to write it?

Frank2982 responds:

Most of it is self explanatory. Any ways, I got what each part of the code is from a book and then just put it together. So its about 80% me, 20% book. Or something, yeah.

great work

This great movie's a great one to show those newbies from NG what a standard preloader should be

Frank2982 responds:

It's funny. In your profile you say you are Frank... but wait, I thought I was Frank... Oh well. Any ways, yes newbies need to learn preloaders. They aren't that hard.

Call me a dumbass...

but i cannot do it!! i cant make the loading bar!! i did everything u told me 2 do but it dosent work!! i think this tut needs a bit more explantion....good otherwise

Frank2982 responds:

If you have AIM, you can contact me on there. Or if you don't have AIM, visit the clock crew web site www.clockcrew.cc and sign up. And post in the Flash Forum and leave a message referring about this flash and I can contact you there.

help me...

I didnt understand where to put some of the actions. Does it mather if i put them in a frame or in the loading bar or what?? U didnt really say where to put the actions, well the first u did but not the last ones, so please tell me. And how can i see the loading bar in action? I mean I cant see it on my computer cuz i already have it there...

Frank2982 responds:

If I stop being lazy, I will put an even easier to understand tutorial on my site. But I am always lazy. But all of the code, except gotoAndPlay(1), should go in the first frame of the AS layer.


This was a good toutorial, BUT IT DOSENT WORK , I get 7 script errors in it, I think it dosent work becase im using Flash CS3, anyway, please can someone PM me with a preloader that works! I have already tried the newgrounds ones, but they dont work!