Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

very good job

i dont do flash much but i thought this was a pretty good tutorial...im sure flash moviesll be better cuz of this..nice work


very nice. You done did good here guy. The only thing i have against it is, I already know how to make a basic preloader... but i wanna know how to make a percentage loader... if you could make a movie SPECIFICALLY on how to make that.. and i mean make it so a mentally challenged blind 4 year old that has NO flash experience could understand it. hehe. If you could do that, i would be VERY thankful man. Great Tutorial though! very very good. 5 for you.

Frank2982 responds:

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "percentage loader". Because I think I had that in there:
the loader bar MC with an instance named loader bar, then the code for it in Frame 1 is:
num = int((_root.getBytesLoaded())/(_root.getBytesTotal())*100);
That makes the bar go up for however much is loaded.

that helped alot but i'm still stumped.

I can now make the most very basic preloader.
Was this flash made on 4 or 5? I have number four.(500 bucks to upgrade to 5? STUFF THAT!!)
and I also suck at flash right now. Like alot of people my first animations are little stick man animations. (none are uploaded here though)

Frank2982 responds:

This was made in Flash 5. You could always download the free trial and get a crack for Flash if you really want it. But thats up to you. And I doubt it cost $500 bucks to upgrade... Cause its $300 American to buy Flash 5 (I believe) and I don't think Canadian exchange rate is that bad. But I don't know.

Thanks very much.

Hey, I appreciate the fantastic loading tutorial - it worked where none of the other ones did! Throw in some sound and some more attractive colours and you'll be a professional.


I like it!

Everything was explained well and in-depth, making it great for beginners! I first saw this two years ago, and it helped me code my first ever preloader!

So thank you, and goodbye,