Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

5 all around!

This will help..
Thank you...

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks, weren't you looking for the "said" information about Cool Speech 5.0 last night in the CC chat room?

help me...

I didnt understand where to put some of the actions. Does it mather if i put them in a frame or in the loading bar or what?? U didnt really say where to put the actions, well the first u did but not the last ones, so please tell me. And how can i see the loading bar in action? I mean I cant see it on my computer cuz i already have it there...

Frank2982 responds:

If I stop being lazy, I will put an even easier to understand tutorial on my site. But I am always lazy. But all of the code, except gotoAndPlay(1), should go in the first frame of the AS layer.

I need help

I am a bit dumb and I was wondering what kind of program do you need in the first place before you put in layers and what not What is the program called and where can you get it please tell me my email is diverldw@comcast.net I will look back for a reply and check my email please help me

That was half of what I need

I want to make a preloader that has multiple play buttons (each goes to a different game or movie) so that i can dully create my 3 in 1 game. But, it's still good


Yeah...that was boring...I can see how it would be helpful to people who wanna know how to make or use a preloader..but its BORING to people who already know, or just don't give a crap. Good job, I guess...I like some of your other movies, this one was just boring.

Frank2982 responds:

Umm... Thanks. Glad you liked the other movies and stuff. But this was for people that didn't know what they were doing. So if you did know how to make a preloader. Well then, sorry for wasting your time.