Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

a cut above

this was more informztive than other pl tuts

Yeah,yeah,great tutorial and all...

But could you tell me wut dyou mean by the left side of the fill and "with 0%".If only you told me,i could make my own movie.

thank yous-a very much

i need a simple tutorial and this was it thank you cause i'm trying to help my self with flash and this was on my to-do-list so you just did my work for me

I like it!

Everything was explained well and in-depth, making it great for beginners! I first saw this two years ago, and it helped me code my first ever preloader!

So thank you, and goodbye,


Preloaders should be made like that.....a good preloader is a good start :)

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks. You do know that I have made other things that are more entertaining and what not. Also, I looked in your profile (as I do for any one I respond to) and noticed you got BBS UOTD on my birthday! Cool, huh? I didn't think so either.