Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"


what you said is right. alot of tutorials are too simple, 'how to make a button' or how to draw amazing pictures with 2 steps invlolved.


The portal is for games and movies!!! NOT for tutorials!!! You can submit yours by Flashkit.com!!!

Frank2982 responds:

Yet your favorite flash (according to your profile) is an outdated Top 50 Menu which *gasp* was your idea (according to the flash). In your own words "The portal is for games and movies!!!" So basically you are a hypocrite because that Top 50 Menu isn't a game or a movie. It's something some one can put on their site and shouldn't have even uploaded to NG. So booyah in your face!

Nice tutorial

I don't know why the last review was so bad, I thought this tutorial was good. It did also help me to make my preloaders better. Another thing - people who just think "Bleh - a tut, no game - time to vote a bit fat 0" should be shot. Anyway - nice tut - keep em coming

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks, if you have any ideas for the next one. I guess just post a message in the Flash Forum and if I see it and I know how to do it. I'll make a tutorial of that.

There are sooooo many of these....

Its pointless to post another one. Also, dont dis people for using outdated functions then use some yourself (ie int()). Just for the record, theres ALWAYS a better way to make a perloader (no matter what you have) so I wont go into the probs with this.

Frank2982 responds:

What is a more "updated" and "better" version of int()? Should I use Math.round()? No, cause it basically does the same thing and its shorter code. I wish you would have gone into the problems with this one because then I could have known what I did "wrong". I have my AIM name in my profile so if you would like to share what I did wrong in this flash, then let me know.

It's not a game

It was good but i wasn't a game. :(

Frank2982 responds:

Well, when you submit a flash to NG you have 2 options for it: Movie or Interactive/Game. This is an Interactive Flash. So I selected that. Although when it is displayed on NG, it just says it is a game. I can't help what I can't control. Thanks for the good review though.