Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

Nice tutorial

I don't know why the last review was so bad, I thought this tutorial was good. It did also help me to make my preloaders better. Another thing - people who just think "Bleh - a tut, no game - time to vote a bit fat 0" should be shot. Anyway - nice tut - keep em coming

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks, if you have any ideas for the next one. I guess just post a message in the Flash Forum and if I see it and I know how to do it. I'll make a tutorial of that.


thanks for the helpful information , now i hope some flash designers make better preloaders !

Frank2982 responds:

yeah, me too

Yes this is all great and fine if...

You have flash 5 that stuff with turning it into a graphic but that doesnt show up on mx so could you please send me and email telling me how to do that or something?

Frank2982 responds:

Every thing should work in 5 or MX. I will start making stuff in MX when I put my tutorials up (if I ever stop being lazy) because I no longer have 5. So check back every once and a while and see if I stopped being lazy and put up some tutorials.


Thanks so much, I suck at preloaders (as well as most other parts of flash) and did not understand most tutorials, plus, none helped with Flash MX. Yours works great with it. YAY!

Thank you!

Thank you for this tut, it is very good!