Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

You must have a tablet

You can see you have a tablet from your style, reguardless the animation was great. Do you study animation? I do.

Jae responds:

I study it now. the only ones that i used a tablet with were the boxman ones. the one that looks like anime was a laptopfingerthing and the others were mouse

Imposible?! I...I...

great randomness and the dancing at the end was great

Jae responds:

Thanks man, that one took me the longest to make. (3 days)
I'm glad you liked it!


That's what I call a good ol' randomness.

Jae responds:

*high five*

Right on

Haven't seen any of your work since JA died. Makes me miss watching everyone's boxman animations. Good stuff. Hope you're still doin your thing.

Jae responds:

I definitely am. I remember you, too! How have you been? (PM)

Fucking epic!

Hahaha, this video was great. and it didnt make any sense. Y'know what? you should start making more animations. cuz these ones are bomb. =]

Jae responds:

D There is something brewing right now that I think you would like : )