Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

Good,very good

i'm the same good at making animations like you,lol,here: 10/10 5/5!

Jae responds:

hehe thanks


I don't think there are any known words to use for a review, but I'll take my chance and use a few. There is no doubt that talent lies withing you sir. You're style is specific, but indefinite. I understand that this is a collection of animations that you made threw the falling sands of time and yes I know that there is no sense expected. However, you could tell that although the style was persistent in all the animations, there were considerable differences. I suppose that is due to the passing of time and the progression of skills. It is an awesome style and I love it. Stick to it as it defines you as an animator.
The voice acting was...well interesting and disturbing at times. Since the spoofs were like that as well, it was well suited. There is also the matter of ideas smashed between the crazy combination of color and motion. Speaking of witch the motion was really smooth. I really enjoyed the quality of movement. Expression was also another point i wanted to touch. Congrats on making them pass from the simple and into the insane. I suppose you had yourself as inspiration or some other cool dude. Whoever, it was well suited and greatly expressed. And also a great choice of music. Really blended with the other stuff I mentioned.
So, all in all great job, amazing artwork and design. Keep up the good work and hope to see more.

Jae responds:

Wow man thanks for the completely positive review! The reason the style changes so much is because I progressed through different phases of 'style' along the line. My drawing skills were in the developing stage (and always will be). The dream sequence after the first one changes styles every scene on purpose because I wanted to challenge myself with the array of styles. I didn't completely succeed with that, but I will keep branching out to get better! Thanks for the review!

born of a broken man! lol

seriously man you got some talent! keep on with all these ideas and i garantee ul be one of the greats! XD
nice one! :D

Jae responds:

Awesome dude, I'll keep trying my hardest. : D


Your style is awesome, really great stuff. I think the randomness of it really speaks out, you should be doing music videos or a tv show or something.

Jae responds:

Thanks a lot man, I really aspire to make a great TV show some day!


That's pretty impressive for early work.

Jae responds:

Thank you!