Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


I liked the creativity, but just didnt seem to grab my attention.

Jae responds:

I'm sorry to hear that, man. Maybe my next animation will be good enough for you. I've made a plot and such so it should be somewhat captivating, yes?

Great Job

Exremely unique and well done. Your style is amazing- i hope you do more soon :P This is, as far as skill goes, better than most of the flashes that make it to the front page.

Jae responds:

Thats extremely nice of you to say. Thanks a ton.


wow jae I remember seening most of the stuff in JA, or you showed them to me, but fuck, I didnt know it was THAT much. Like the dancing sequence from boxman, lol excelent work, and lol how you always start saying that you are bored. Its a pretty great collection of works you did just for practicing.

I also agree on the wapanese thing, glad you grew out of it, Im also amazed that this is great anim work and yet is old, so now youre like years ahead of this.

Thanks for the inspiration jae, sorry abooot your compy.

Jae responds:

Vinnie you're the man. Youre a great inspiration and an amazing snimator. thank you.


The randomness made me keep watcing just to see what would come next. I loved all of it!

Jae responds:

I'm glad I could hold your attention. I hate seeing people just walk away when it's halfway through.

Box Man

I love your technique and style of animation...especially in the box man bits... (the dancing scene was awesome)
I really hope to see some sort of series built off of him...he seems like he has alot of potential...i'll be watching you... HAH

Jae responds:

hehe thanks. I'm not focused on boxman really. I'm glad you liked my style though.