Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

Just so you know

Havent commented anything in years, but for this an exception;
I fkin LOVED it!

Jae responds:

Yay. I feel honored. thanks for the review. I really appreciate it!


Yknow, that was brilliant. Loved every bit. The length was great too.

Jae responds:

thank you, sir.

=D =D =D

WOW dude that was amazing, i really did hope it wouldnt end, cant wait to show all my mates this madness! =D good job and ur on my Fav list for lifejavascript:submission_controller.
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Jae responds:

thank you im glad you watched!!


Your animation is really good ... but REALLY fucking annoying at the same time. The over exaggerated facial features, especially the mouth, really pissed me off.

Jae responds:

haha im glad drawings made you angry, lawl

At first I didnt know what to expect...

But you really had some great concepts in this, good job. Also good luck with rehab. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Cheers your famous.

Jae responds:

LMFAO youre funny