Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


dude for the love of god make more like this...

Jae responds:

Sure thing : D I'll join some collaborations


Loved it! Your art style reminds me of some comic ive read on the net or whatever, but i cant put my finger on it..

Oh well, if this is your scraps i really wonder what your real work looks like.

Added to fav artists to keep track of you in the future ;O


Jae responds:

Wow thats very flattering, thanks a lot.

wow man

too bad your computer crashed or some shit i would have gladly loved to see more of these things, alot of these were freakn hillarious!!!!

Jae responds:

I'm glad people liked it before it just turned into another fingerprint on newgrounds...

it was ... great

very entertaining, varied.. and senseless, that made it just pure fun. You have a great talent for animating... I mean your timing for actions and lip sync is just so entertaining, that the actual drawing can be all choppy and crappy and the action still looks great. I like your characters and some of your humour... oh and the girl jumping... freakin hipnotizing. Great.. now I'll have to check your other stuff... and I have work to do, damn.

Jae responds:

I'm so glad you could appreciate it, man.

Good stuff man

You have an awesome style bro I dig it really I do. My favorite part was about the emo robot needs to be a serious or something. Anyway this was entertaining and it had great animation.

Jae responds:

Thanks man I appreciate the review. It's nice to get some good feedback!