Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

You watch naruto....
I like that...also
Ok I like this whole thing IDC ABOUT THE NO BUTTONS THING I think its fine how it is and everybody who starts whining about it go jump in a hole...also I'm sorry your computer died.

Nice. Box man. More. Please.

I love it, even if all it was - was OLD! >:O

Ha ha.

No, seriously, nice animation skills.

Cool stuff man.

Btw do you still talk to Nanoko? Whatever happened to him?

Jae responds:

Thanks! Nanoko quit the internet and moved on to bigger and better things.

superb brah

those are some crazy animating skills you have there. great style and sense of humor.

Jae responds:

Thanks a lot! Hope you like my new stuff!

Awesome Flash work, man!!

Really, some of these are great!

Animation was supurb! Some of these could do well as a normal flash alone, and almost every single one has some great frame by frame animation jobs as well! Seriously, I LOL'd a bunch at these, mostly because of how freakin' random it was all the time! Not to mention that I love that kinda' style that you use in these, and the ideas are good on some, too! You must've spent a lot of time on these!

Overall, this flash project deserves more recognition than it has at the moment, and everything looks great!
5 outta' 5, 10 outta' 10 and favorited!

Jae responds:

Thanks a lot! You're too kind!