Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

Yei! Lysergic entertainment!!!

Hahahaah sweet shorts man, the animation was pretty neat, and that box man rocks, I really enjoy it

Jae responds:

D I'm glad you liked it dude! *thumbsup*


This goes right up my alley.
Consider me a fan!

Jae responds:

Wooo! I am glad to have a fan!

Pretty great

have to tell you, your animation is great, as trippy as this was i was very entertained the whole time lol

everything went very smooth and i can tell you put a lot of work into each one of them (well most of them.. xD)

and dont worry, we were all little asian posers at one point in life :P

Jae responds:

Haha yeah, that stage in my life was hilarious. All of my friends were Asian. Thanks for the review!

lol Bonus stage reference?


Jae responds:

Haha yeah, man. I definitely went through a huge bonus stage phase (f-bomb). Nice eye. I am my own element now, but I'm glad you caught that because I haven't mentioned it until now.


this is crap. I know its about nothing but my 4 year old can draw sketches like that. not my cup of brew

Jae responds:

It's about the animation, not the "sketches". That's just rude. I'd love to check your 4 year old's drawings out though.

You're a dick for this review. You obviously don't understand animation.