Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."

Very awsome man

that may have been the best random mashup of random shiyt i have ever SEEN! i wanna know... what's the name of that song your stick figue sang before he was killed by the dreaded alarm clock lol

Jae responds:

Thanks dude! I hope you've seen a lot of them : D

the song was made by PANIC! at the disco. I don't like them very much so I don't know the name of the song. Sorry!

thanks for the comment.


This was pretty freaking awesome! I love your animation! People like you makes me wanna do flashs! The sound was clear, the animation smooth and nicely done, great job! The only little complain that I have that people must have already told you over 9000 times, it's a big huge, I would have split it in 2 parts, but I still love you!

So... yeah! Great work, continue, and I hope to see more of this stuff soon!

Jae responds:

Thanks man. I decided not to split it because I wanted to keep all my old crap together as one. It's an odd decision but I'm a mildly odd person.


Credits = Awesome
That whole flash was very entertaining, good job, I love your style XD

Jae responds:

Haha thanks a lot. Funny thing about the credits is that THAT animation was origonally a ball bounce test. I just made it sort of perverted. It's my friend Dacada :P

a very good job

the animation is cool and i liked it. as i told before its a good job. congratulations!
the only problem that i noticed is that some times the sound volume pops up quickly into loud volume, try to normalize the sound volume with any audio editor program. other than that its very good. 5/5 9/10

and i give you the other star for answering your reviews :) that's pretty nice of you.

Jae responds:

Anyone who takes the time to write a review deserves a response. I would love to change the audio and many other things in this animation, but this is the only form of it you'll ever see of it because the .fla is gone. I am partying tonight to celebrate my front page success!


ty for that little piece of randomness that brightened my day, especially the emo bashing... i have yet to find the flash that could not benefit from emo bashing.

Jae responds:

Haha. thanks man. I went through a long emo bashing phase : P I still find it a little funny ^_^