Reviews for "All Work 2008 & Before."


Do the box man!

Jae responds:

hell yes!

Ha ha!!!

All scenes was very awesome!!! Especially dancing box-man and dancing box banana ^_^

But Emo-bot - ......FUUUUUUUU......IT WAS NOT SO FUNNY!!! - IT's SAD!!! >:(

In anyways you make a good collab of your works! ^_^

One little question - you do it by your own, right? How you can submit your swf by size like more than 9.9mb? You are very popular or you just have any prise posibilities at NG?

Jae responds:

you actually have to email tom. he helped me post this! thanks for the review

Excellent animation and humor

This was a pleasure to watch, you're a talented animator. You also had some interesting ideas, not to mention there is enough material here to get front page 20 times over, lol. Not sure why it's not rated higher, regardless, this was well worth my time and I'm glad to see it made front page. Great work :)

Jae responds:

Shit, man, thanks : D (am drunk)

I'm SO bored

Actually, I wasn't bored at all, but both animations that started with that made me lol. These were all pretty cool. Good animation, good sound, and they flowed surprisingly well for being mostly unrelated. What was that song that played during the box man dance?

Jae responds:

It was a song by the band polysics. Thanks a lot man.

I love you?

.... :D

Jae responds: