Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"

It was decent...

Well animated considering the original art style, and the overall design was very pleasant to look at. However, it wasn't that interesting to watch. It needed to either be more of a child experiencing Christmas, or have some sort of story. You know, conflict and resolution.

It's a solid submission, however, and I would encourage more and more work from you in the future.

Esn responds:

I did intend for there to be a story as well as conflict & resolution, but obviously not everyone got it. Some of the previous reviewers did, though.

One word to describe this:

Beautiful. :)

Great First Attempt

This was a really great first try and you obviously have potential, I particulary loved the art style to it. Great work.


that was boring however its christmas sooo

I have a question,,,

why are the raindeers all red?I thought that only rudolf has a red nose...