Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"


Truly superb work of art. The animation was fairly smooth, the drawing was beautiful, and the overall theme was brilliant. 5/5, 10/10. Keep it up.


that artwork was i have to say amazing, was it done by hand then scanned?
i detected chalk and pastels maybe..

Esn responds:

It was painted digitally in ArtRage. Search for a topic about "One Quiet Winter Night" on the ArtRage forums, where I explain how I got this particular style with the very versatile ArtRage tools.

For the Ventoche...

Read the damn Author's Comments! Anyways, the story was good and the animation was amazing. Very good for a first submition to Newgrounds.


Very Nicely done, Greatly enjoyed the artistic style of it. Very peaceful music to go along with it. 10/10 Good Sir! Keep Em Coming.

the brithness

the problem is... this is to dark!!! i can't view the animation the most of part!

Esn responds:

Sorry about that. Try viewing it at night in a dark room; the colours become a lot more visible.