Reviews for "One Quiet Winter Night"


I really enjoyed this flash, but to all the people who say that Santa looked black, that probably wasn't his hand people, that was his glove I bet

Esn responds:

It was his hand, but I might've made it too dark. Just imagine that there's a lot of shadow falling on it.


its like a Christmas card


this is pretty good but, its more of a slide show with music other than a flash


"I enjoyed it. All of the animations were beautifully put together. The one thing I didn't like was when the boy's dream became a nightmare. Kinda depressed me...and Santa looked black... >__>" - Janessalicious

racist much?

anyway... i agree... i dont like how it became a nightmare... thats terrible
but i understand what he was thinking... he was maybe at the age where santa just doesnt seem at all possible and he just doesnt believe it, but then there is that little touch of hope... for that i give it a 9/10

Esn responds:

I think you understood it, yes. It's doubt expressed subconsciously while dreaming.


its so heartwarming i might have to puke